An Exotic Blend ofClothing, Giftware and Jewellery. Exotic scents and sights as you view our unique wares. Clothing and handicrafts from Nepal and India. Exotic delights that will appeal to all. Incense, bells, boxes, wall-hangings, cushions, curtains, candles,  buddhas...a treasure trove. Colourful, comfortable clothing and footwear for those who want to express individuality.Also, we have an extensive range of jewellery.

Ayurvedic Range Includes: Liver Cleanse,Schisandra Berry Powder,Dandelion Root Powder,Globe Artichoke,Burdock Powder,St. Marys Thistle Powder,Atlantic Kelp Powder,Barley Grass Powder,
Maca Powder,Chlorella Powder,Spirulina Powder,Chapparal Powder,Crampbark,Gravel Root Powder,
Suma Root Powder,Hydrangea Root Powder,Triphala Powder,Shativari (Asparagus Root)Powder,
Ashwagandha Powder,Amlaki Powder,Beetroot Powder,Astragalus Powder,Senna Leaf Powder,
Neem Leaf Powder,Shilajit Powder,Olive Leaf Powder,Brahmi,Cumin,Tumeric,Cinnamon Powder,
Henna Powder,Chia Seed,Aloe Vera Juice,Coconut Oil,MahaNarayan Oil,KumKumadi Oil,Clove Buds,
and more..All Certified Organic in Capsules and Powders

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